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1 Harry Earley
2 Lemuel Hutt
3 Robert Neily
4 Leah Maud Hutt-Neily
5 Guy Neily
6 Fred Earley

Elizabeth Grant-Neily
1840 - 1930
Leah Maud Hutt-Neily
1863 - 1960
Estella (Esty) Eaton
1879 - 1959

Robert and Leah Maud (Hutt) Neily would be my Great grandparents.
Elizabeth (Grant) Neily is the mother of Robert Neily and my Great-Great grandmother.
Estella {Esty} Eaton would be a half sister to Robert Neily. She was the daughter of
Robert and Elizabeth (Grant-Neily) Eaton of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.

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