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My Nova Scotia Family

My Nova Scotia Family

This homepage will take you on a genealogical trip, in view of some of my many Nova Scotia ancestors. I had begun my trip over twenty-two years ago, but my ancestors began their's over two hundred years ago when they first came to Nova Scotia. Some of these ancestors, like the Hill and Ewart families first settled in Pictou County. While two of my Brown families started in New Brunswick before coming to Nova Scotia, then I have the Clarke, Greeno, Lingard, Mason, Parr, Tomlinson and Wilcox families of Hants County. That leaves the Neily, Charlton, Clarke, Foster, Grant, Morse and Sabean families of Annapolis County and the Hutt , Keddy, Bruhm and Ham families in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Many of these ancestors came from England while some came from Scotland, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland. Before coming to Nova Scotia there were some that came from the United States.

 David and Esther 

Esther HILL

A tree
[ Brown || Clark(e) || Greeno(ugh) || Hill || Lingard || Mason || Neiley || Parr || Tomlinson ]

My Ancestors

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