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My Brown Project

For the last eight years, I have been compiling information on the Brown families in Hants County, Nova Scotia. I have checked records, books, cemetery list and even family members in my search. I have come across records that left me puzzled and some that filled in a great deal of information on a person and their family line. There are some Browns that are of Scotish, some of Irish and some of English. Some of these Brown ancestors began their emigration from the U.S.A. and then there are some who came from other parts of Nova Scotia, only to settle in Hants County. Again we also have Browns that left Hants County, to settle in other parts of Canada and the U.S.A. Some of these Browns are family members of my. These Browns, no manner where they settled and worked, they all played a great part in making Hants County a place to call home. The following is some of the early Brown information, that I have been able to collect. If you have any questions on the Brown information or feel you could add something, just drop me an e-mail at

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