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Hants Journal Index

Since 1986 I had compiled four books on the Births, Marriages and Deaths, that were found listed in issues of The Hants Journal covering:

1898 - 1903  Volume one
1903 - 1906 Volume two
1906 - 1908  Volume three
1908 - 1911 Volume four

I have now taken the names from the Marriages and Deaths and have added them to my homepage for you to view. There are a few 1834, 1892, 1896 and 1897 names in the list too. Should you wish more details on these names or have any questions, just email me at Please let me know if the name is from the marriage index or the death index. Plus I ask if you don't hear back from me within a month, just drop me another e-mail. thanks Shirley Benoit

Marriages 1898-1903   Marriages 1903-1906   Deaths 1898-1903   Deaths 1903-1906

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