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Harry McNab P. Brown Jr.

A Walk in the Sun

Artie Greengroin

A Sound of Hunting

The Beast In His Hunger

The Stars in Their Coures

A Quiet Place To Work

    Harry McNab Peter Brown was born April 30th, 1917 in Portland, Maine and was the son of Harry McNab and Bessie "Besty" Maude (Hiles) Brown. He grew up in Portland, Maine and was a student at Harvard University between 1936 to 1938. Harry's interests was Hunting, fishing, guns and avoiding work. He began his career as a copyboy for Time Magazine and a sub-editor for New Yorker magazine before 1941. He joined the U.S. Army and served in England between 1941-1945. he continued writing his columns for Yank magazine under the pseudonym Artie Greengroin. His wartime experiences also provided the background for many of his later works, including his best-selling novel "A Walk in the Sun", which later became a movie. Based on the information on the back of his 1968 book called " A Quiet Place To Work" it states that he lived in Mexico with his wife and son. Harry Brown married June JOLLIE and it is my understanding that they had just the one son. He died on November 2nd, 1986 at the Cedar Sinal Medical Center in Los Angeles of heart failure due to Emphysema. He was layed to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.

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A Walk in the Sun - 1945

The True Glory - 1945

The Other Love - 1947

Arch of Triumph - 1948

Sands of Iwo Jima - 1949

Man on the Eiffel Tower - 1949

Wake of the Red Witch - 1949

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - 1950

Apache Drums - 1951

Only the Valiant - 1951

A Place in the Sun - 1951

The Sniper - 1952

Eight Iron Men - 1952

Bugles in the Afternoon - 1952

All the Brothers Were Valiant - 1953

The Virgin Queen - 1955

Many Rivers to Cross - 1955

Between Heaven and Hell - 1956

D-Day the sixth of June - 1956

The Deep Six - 1957

The Fiend who Walked the West - 1958

Ocean's Eleven - 1960

El Dorado - 1967