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Welcome to my Nova Scotia Homepage. This homepage will take you into My Nova Scotia Family, while you are here, you could check out Shirley's Recipes. There is an indexed list of Vessels built around Maitland, Nova Scotia. You will find information from My Brown Project which covers some of the Browns, that lived in Hants County, Nova Scotia. There is a List of Places in Hants County, Nova Scotia and I have added a Searching for Information Page There is also an Indexed list of names taken from The Hants Journal on the Marriages and Deaths, covering 1898 to 1903 and 1903 to 1906. I have added some Links of interest starting with the 1871 census for all of Hants County, N.S., that was compiled by Leland Harvie and can be seen by linking onto the Hantsport website.

I have indexed the 1881 Census , 1891 Census and the 1901 Census for just Walton, Hants County, Nova Scotia. There is also a Map of Hants County, Nova Scotia. I have now added a Message Board, and a Forum named: Hants County, Nova Scotia Families. I have just added a webpage about My Cousin The Screenwriter, Harry McNab Brown. There is an In Memory 2001 page.

Great news, I have finally found the parents and some siblings of Maria Brown-Hill and you can see the three generation chart by clicking Here. I have added a new guest book which you can sign and view near the bottom of this web page. I have just added the Marriages, Births and Burials of Windsor, Nova Scotia, 1738-1818 index from what is called the O'Brien book. Plus I am hoping to add details about any up coming family reunions that will be taking place in Hants County, Nova Scotia.

It has been said, that an ancestor had taken part in what became known as The Boston Tea Party I have added some information about the names of men that took part and some links where you could read more about The Boston Tea Party that took place in 1773.

You can now add a classified ad to let people know who you are searching for. The ad can be posted up to 90 days and you can change or remove it at any time. To place an ad Click Here.

What's New

1911 Census of Canada
The Library and Archives of Canada now has the 1911 census online.
You can now view the Hants County, Nova Scotia 1911 census.

1901 Census of Canada
See below
Hants County, Nova Scotia Marriage Index
See below
The 1898 - 1903 Births from The Hants Journal
See below
Genealogy Abbreviations
See contents
Soldiers from Hants County, Nova Scotia
who died in the First World War

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My Nova Scotia Family
Shirley's Recipes
Family Pictures
Neily and Hutt Pictures
Brown Family Pictures
Hill Family Pictures
Lingard Headstones
Neily Family Project
In Memory 2001
1901 Hants County Census Project

The Hants Journal Marriage & Death Index
The Hants Journal Births (1898-1903)
1871 Census for all of Hants Co., N.S. (A-K)
1871 Census for all of Hants Co., N.S. (L-Z)
1881 Census for Walton, N.S.
1891 Census for Walton, N.S.
1901 Census for Walton, N.S.
1911 Census for Walton, N.S. (Coming Soon)
Newport, N.S. Births, Marriages and Deaths
Marriages, Births, and Burials of Windsor
Index, 1738-1818 ( The O'Brien Book )

         My Brown Project
My Hill and Parr Ancestor Link
Lost At Sea
News and Updates
Map of Hants County, N.S.
Places in Hants County, N.S. Hants County Message Board
Genealogy Abbreviations
Searching for Information
E-Mail Me
Places To Search
1901 Census of Canada
Halifax Explosion Remembrance Book
(A List of Those Who Died)
Honoured Hants County, N.S. Soldiers WW1
Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918)
Second World War Book (1939-1947)


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Through this research tool you can access digitized images of the original
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1901 Census of Canada

To download MrSID so you could view the 1901 Canadian census.

The Canadian Genealogy Centre is conducting a project of indexing the 1901
Canadian census throughout the country based on volunteers. You can offer
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